Pirates IN the Caribbean

Monday, November 2, 2015

Every Disney cruise has a night set aside for Pirate night. Everyone dons their best pirate attire and there is a big party up on deck complete with fireworks.

The biggest priority of the evening was getting pictures with Peter Pan, Hook, and Smee who were going to be out meeting and mingling. We put Perry's Peter Pan costume back on him one more time for these meets. It was so cute seeing him meet Peter, dressed as Peter. Peter Pan loved him...and taught him how to stand, and how to find his shadow. These might be some of my favorite pictures of all time.

Hook and Smee were not nearly as fond of our little Perry Pan.

There was a pirate and princess dance party going on in D Lounge so Perry and I went to go check it out while Daddy stood in line for Hook and Smee. There are not enough words to describe Perry's delight when he saw Jake come out on stage. Just look that that face in the pictures below. He stood at the edge of the stage and watched the whole time Jake was up there. Serious celebrity status.

We had Perry's pirate costume with us too and took lots of pictures with characters all dressed up in their pirate wear. Then we went upstairs to watch the stage show, watch Captain Jack Sparrow descent from the funnel, and see the fireworks.

We kept P up waaaay past his bedtime. But when there are fireworks to be seen in the middle of the ocean...I think it is allowed.

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