Remy Champagne Brunch

Sunday, November 1, 2015
One of the absolutely best hour (or two) of the trip was the day we dropped Perry of in the nursery and went to brunch at Remy. This had been on our bucket list since our last cruise when we heard so many good things about it. Pricey yes, but so worth it. Only caveat is you have to be a relatively adventurous eater and wanting to try new, odd, and amazing things.

It was a champagne brunch so we were greeted first by the sommelier who had a table of little plates of meat (Jamon Iberico) and glasses of champagne.

We started the experience in a small group of about 12 people, where we learned about how the brunch was structured and the different things we would be given to drink. Then we were all seated at individual tables.  We could not have asked for a better table or view. Just look at this:

Our brunch was six courses of food and three different champagnes. All of it was totally amazing. I love tasting menus where you can try things and not have to decide and pick from a menu. Here's the food line up:

Tomates, Gressin, Tarte fine

Lobster, Caviar, Mango

Fletan, Pomme de Terre, Sauce Thai
(the foamed potatoes were the star of this course)

Poulet Rouge Oscar

Paris Brest
(hazelnut filled pastry)

After we finished and were completely full we were handed a little bag of rum cakes to take with us. To be honest we never ate them...there is just an over abundance of food to eat on a cruise. And rum cakes are not at the top of our preference list. It was a nice gesture though.

And that's the whole yummy experience. We ate everything and enjoyed everything. Brunch took us nearly 2 hours from start to finish so by the time we left it was time to go pick up little man from the nursery. We had high expectations going into it and they were met and passed for sure. It was a perfect way to spend a couple adult hours. Up on the top deck overlooking the ocean you can kind of forget for a while there is a busy bustling cruise ship of people beneath you.

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