Surviving a Magic Kingdom afternoon

Monday, November 30, 2015
We generally avoid afternoons in Disney Parks during the crowded heat of the day like the plague. We go early...very early...and tour hard until lunch and then take a good break during the crazy part of the day.

Well by the time we made it to the Poly and got checked into our room it was nearly lunch time. Since we only had two days in Disney World we were not going to miss out on some play time so we boarded the monorail and headed to the Magic Kingdom during peak hours.

Walking into the park and seeing the castle at the end of Main Street just never gets old. And given it was September, the park was all dressed up in it's Halloween best. Pumpkins. Everywhere.

As long as you have good expectations and know what you are is totally survivable. We pretty much went in expecting that we would get to ride three big rides thanks to pre-assigned fast passes and then we would just ride small rides with low waits. And it worked. Thankfully Perry thinks the TTA people mover is as thrilling as Space Mountain. lol.

We rode the TTA over and over and it is now known as the "Mickey mover" by Perry. Andrew and I traded off and did get to ride Space Mountain with a fastpass. We also had fastpasses for Peter Pan and Haunted Mansion I think. Something like that. We also did some general wandering and photo taking and being silly in gift shops.

Perry had not napped all day so he eventually passed out in the stroller. We wanted to get out of the heat so we went to go meet Donald and Goofy in their air conditioned spot. Donald was quite amused at the toddler sleeping in his stroller.

We have done Disney enough that we can do little short jaunts in the park without getting overwhelmed and frustrated that we can't get it all in. We know we can't. So we pick some things we want to do and then just spend the rest of the time being immersed in the culture.

We didn't stay in the park too long. We had a very special night ahead aboard the Pirates and Pals fireworks cruise. 

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