While aboard the Disney Fantasy...

Wednesday, November 4, 2015
I wanted to share some of our other favorite aspects of life aboard the Disney Fantasy - things we saw and did and how we spent our "down time." Down time is really a misnomer because face it, you don't sit still for long when you have a two year old.

1. Splashing and playing at Nemo's Reef

2. Riding the Aquaduck

*I was not the only one that rode it. Andrew just refused to let me link his aquaduck pics to our photo account so we have no documentation of it. P was too little to ride so we had to take turns. Pro tip: ride it when the boat is docked in port and everyone else is off the boat = no lines!

3. Remember we were floating in the great big ocean.

4. A daily pilgrimage to the dining room for dinner. On Disney ships you rotate between three restaurants but your wait staff travel with you. We had amazing servers who P had wrapped around his little finger.

5. Amassing a towel zoo

6. Having "Magical Moments" in the Small World Nursery (Perry). Mom and Dad just got to find out about these precious memories because certificates like these would show up later inside our room. Apparently Perry was a very good helper at cleaning up toys. And really likes to sing the Muffin Man song to strangers.

7. Exploring the kids club open houses

8. Taking in the Halloween decor on the boat

9. Fish extenders. A gift exchange with some of our fellow passengers. It was always exciting to go back to the room and see if we had any presents waiting outside the door. P got some amazing stuff. Including a Peter Pan book...as if they knew he was dressing as that for Halloween...and a little stuffed bunny rabbit that he still sleeps with every night.

10. Becoming Disney Animators. And have the certificates to prove it. lol. I think we should keep our paying day jobs.

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