Hello 30's

Thursday, December 31, 2015
I turned 30 yesterday. And you know what it feels like? Pretty much just like 29. Funny how that works. My body has not failed me and I have not had the sudden need to start wearing my pants high, white keds or switch my multivitamin (wait...are you supposed to take those?) to Centrum Silver.

I have gotten to celebrate the milestone a couple times already with family as we did our Christmas celebrations and got to spend my entire birthday yesterday with some of my favorite people on a fun adventure in Nashville. We played...and ate...all day long. And it was perfect. Ann was able to come with us for our day of fun.

The day started early. We all piled into the car and headed out just after 8:00 and made a quick stop in Franklin for a craigslist deal. Then it was on to our first stop...brunch at the Pfunky Griddle. I've been wanting to check this place out because it is such a cool concept. Griddle cooktops built right into the center of the tables so you can make your own pancakes with toppings and eat them straight from the griddle. Seems like a good birthday treat.

We all picked our toppings and ended up switching and sharing them all around. Between us we were circulating M&Ms, sprinkles, peanut butter, banana, berries, and pecans. Can you guess which two were P's choices?

It was so fun. We left so full and happy and ready to go play off some of those carbs and calories.

Next stop was the Gaylord Opryland Hotel to see Ice! the huge exhibit made from 2,000,000 pounds of ice sculpted beautifully into scenes and characters from the nutcracker. It was spectacular. And it was cold. When the website says they keep it at 9 degrees and you should wear layers like you were preparing to be in Alaska....believe them. And believe me there is not enough clothes in the southerner's closet to prepare you for hanging around in 9 degree weather. They do give you big, long parkas to help cut the cold and keep you dry. We also came with gloves and scarves and ear muffs and jackets. And couldn't feel our extremities by the end. Totally worth it though.

Loved seeing all the pretty sculptures and sliding down slides sculpted from ice. The ice slide room had 4 slides, three big and one small child one. Perry slid down the little one 3 times all on his own. He got braver and faster each time. He loved it.

Andrew and I also went down the big ones once. It was super fun. Just proving being 30 is fun!

Outside the Ice! exhibit was a little train going round and round. And if you know Perry you know he hasn't met a train he hasn't loved, and really really wanted to ride. So we figured we had time, and $3, so we let him (and me) go for a spin. Loved that little train ride and fun goof off time with my boy. He just lights up the world.

We also walked over the hotel for a little while to gaze at the pretty decorations and continue to walk off those breakfast carbs.

Then we were hungry again of course so we went to The Pharmacy Burger Parlor for a little late lunch/early dinner. We picked really yummy, but popular, restaurants so both places we had to wait about 30 minutes to be seated which was no big deal. We had our fill of yummy burgers and sides and even got to try real old school phosphates.

After that we headed home after a really full and fun day. We all dozed a little on the way home except Andrew who was driving...cause that would be bad. It was a perfect birthday playing with my people. Bring it on 30...I'm ready for you.

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