Mickey's Not So Scary 2015

Monday, December 7, 2015
Our trip ended with a bang with a night of Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party. It was not a perfect night in that in rained off and on the whole time. Thankfully we got in the park and got some pictures of our Neverland selves before the rain began.

We hit up a couple Magic Kingdom fastpasses first: Jingle Jungle Cruise, Mine Train, and Pirates was the line up. While Andrew and I took turns riding mine train the other parent helped Perry eat some candy can soft serve.

We decided to grab a bite to eat as it began to downpour, so we missed the majority of the bad rain. And beat the rest of the crowds to a restaurant table. After dinner we did a little bit of character meeting. This is where the weather really impacted things. So many of the special characters that are out during the holiday parties meet outside and can't meet when it is raining. So none of that was happening until late in the night (which then made lines reallllly long when they did come out). So we focused on the indoor characters like ariel and Tinkerbell.

Tinkerbell loved our little Perry Pan. They had a good long interaction about shadows and Peter. She was very concerned that he was walking around with Hook and Smee.

We took a spin on Dumbo and then found a place atop the Main Street train station to watch the parade. Partly for the view and partly to escape the misty weather outside. The pictures are not great due to said mist, but the parade went off anyway. It is always a fun one!

By this point Perry's fleece costume was just a bit much so we changed into some much cooler clothes before doing a little more park exploring.

Our evening ended with Hallowishes fireworks which is spectacular. Slightly less spectacular looking when it has been raining and the air is thick. It was hard to see through the fog. The firework booms and the music was impressive as ever though. Here's a little video snippet. Pictures turned out just terrible with all the smoke and fog.

And with that, that is a recap of our incredible Fall 2015 Disney vacation. We were gone 10 nights in all and had a blast every minute of it. 

Now back to regular blog programming, of which there is lots to catch up on with Halloween and Thanksgiving and lots of other fun stuff. Thanks for putting up with a month of nothing but Disney. :)

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