Pirate and Pals Fireworks Voyage

Monday, December 7, 2015
Ok. Time to finish off that Disney trip that happened a month ago. lol. Just a couple more fun experiences to get through. We were super excited to try out the Pirate and Pals Fireworks Voyage on this trip. It's a little tough to book because you have to do it over the phone by calling the recreation line and it doesn't open up at a super predictable time window before your trip. It is around 180 days, but they open up periodically with big chunks of days at a time so you have to just keep calling until they have opened it up. But we eventually snagged a spot.

It was a great night. It departs from the Contemporary Resort which was just a short monorail ride away for us. When you arrive you get checked in and wait for them to open the doors to the party room. Which held a multitude of food and drinks for you to snack on. All healthy things like cake, cotton candy, ice cream bars, popcorn, etc, etc.

Hook and Smee also arrived to the party for some meet and greet action.

After we were sufficiently full of junk food we all boarded our boats to go out and see the fireworks. There were two boats (with namesakes Hook and Smee) with a pirate captain for both who led the way, told stories and sang songs while we boated our way out in front of the Magic Kingdom. I have heard from others that this particular experience gets some of the best positioning out in the water for fireworks viewing.

The fireworks were awesome and they pipe the music into the boat. Pictures just don't do it justice. Here is a little video snippet too:

After fireworks ended we made our way back to the Contemporary dock where we were met by a crowing Peter Pan. He helped lead the way off the boat and stuck around for a little pier side meet and greet too. Perry was so excited to meet Peter Pan again.

It was an incredible night. And a pretty good value for all you get: food, boat, fireworks, entertainment and meet and greets with Hook, Smee and Pan. Certainly has more to offer than lots of the other in park fireworks experiences that have been popping up all over the place down at Disney.

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