Take me out to the ol' (foot) ball game

Wednesday, December 30, 2015
Things are going to be a little schizophrenic here on the blog for a while as I try to play catch up from the last couple months...and keep up with current life so that I don't just live in a perpetual 3 months behind status on here. So bear with me. We have been busy so there is lots to share.

Perry and I spent today in Birmingham for the Birmingham Bowl. Auburn finished this football season a not so respectable 6-6 and we were lucky to be invited to any bowl. You don't really aspire to be playing in Birmingham before New Years in a very old (but they say historic to make it sound fancy) stadium, but the silver lining is that it is close by and easy to spectate.

Andrew had to work today so me and P got up at the crack of dawn and trekked down to the 'Ham for the game. We had tickets to the pre-game alumni breakfast (because that's the sure fire way to have a nice place to eat and a chance to meet Aubie) so we were up bright and early.

Breakfast did not disappoint. We had a walled tent to block us from the drizzle happening outside, food, and entertainment from the Auburn Marching Band, Cheerleaders, and Aubie.

After breakfast we played a little bit in the fan zone and headed into the stadium to find some decent general admission seats. Which we did...right up at the top of the lower section so we had concrete to rest our tired backs on. Things were wet inside the stadium so we did our best to dry off the bleachers and got settled in.

The game had highs and lows (I'm talking about you 3 interceptions). Thankfully the highs won out and Auburn solidly won 31-10. Rain wasn't actually that much of a problem, it drizzled off and on and we kept ponchos on, but we ended the game dry and happy.



Memphis fans were not so happy. Must say they were a pretty disgruntled bunch as a whole. They boo'd. A lot. And at some point, maybe end 3rd quarter, someone(s) thought it would be a good idea to start the wave in the stadium. Well what happened when the wave got to the royal blue section? Nothing. At all. The wave skipped right over those curmudgeons. Also can I just say our tiger is so much better than theirs. Aubie wins that hands down. I am sure there are some really sweet Memphis fans out there...but they were overshadowed. Icing on the cake was the idiot player that decided to come over and field tackle an Auburn equipment manager after the game to steal a game ball and run away. I assume we got our ball back...and he was promptly dismissed from the team. Craziness.

Perry did great through the game. And the hour it took to then get out of the parking lot. We grabbed a bite to eat and headed home and he has been asleep ever since. Poor boy was totally wiped out after a full day of Auburn football fun.

And with that we have a winning record. And we will take it and move on to next season and a blank slate. War Eagle Always!

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