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Santa Train 2015

Saturday, January 30, 2016
Back in December, Perry and I had our annual ride on the Santa train at the North Alabama Railroad Museum. Combine Christmas and trains and it just doesn't get much better than that. Almost 3 is such a fun age. Perry got way into Christmas this year and had so much fun with all the activities and Santa sightings.

He regularly asks us if it is about to be Christmastime again and when we are getting the tree(s) back out of the attic. Thankfully we did finally get them put away last weekend. When we say no...sorry buddy its not about to be Christmas...he usually follows that up with well "is it trick or treat time?" lol. Kid loves holidays as much as his mommy.

We had a blast riding the train with Santa. Was not the most authentic looking bearded guy, but Perry loved him.

Partying in Wonderland

Friday, January 29, 2016
I have the best husband and friends around. Hands down. I really didn't think there was going to be many surprising me for my 30th birthday this year. Between our busy schedules (which I largely control), Christmas crazy, Perry's birthday and everything else I thought the big 3-0 would pass without a big celebration. However, I was wrong.

Sweet friends helped throw the prettiest, most perfect surprise party I could imagine. What I thought was a normal lifegroup night ended up an elegeant, kid free soiree at Belle Faire. They did an Alice in Wonderland theme which was so sweet and fun. 30 pink balloons, pretty china, frilly pink drinks, and fun photobooth props, yummy food from Tortora's, and 30 little fun presents filled the room. They even got my grandma in on the fun too and borrowed from her some cute (and embarrassing) childhood pictures and memories to decorate the table with.

The flowers were spectacular and painted red like in the real wonderland. Just look at these pictures. So beautiful!

The party and venue were pretty. But the best part was getting to spend a night with lots of our closest friends. Love these people we get to do life with!

Thank you all for the countless hours you spent pouring into this night. I am one blessed (30 year old) girl!

Say Cheese!

Thursday, January 28, 2016
A couple weeks ago we had a family outing to the dentist. Well just me and Perry had appointments, but Daddy came along to help wrangle the toddler.

We love our dentist and office staff. It is not a pediatric dentist specifically but they are great with kids and encourage us to just keep bringing P to our adult appointments and they will gradually get further and further into his mouth. The first time he went they just looked in. This time they counted his teeth, got the little mirror in to look around, and dry brushed.

Perry warmed up quickly and wanted to sit and watch the hygienist clean my teeth. When Dr. Pig came in he showed Perry how to look at tooth x-rays. So sweet.

Christmas Eve and Morning

Sunday, January 24, 2016
Working my way back through pictures from the last couple months and playing catch up here on the blog. Today it is Christmas Eve and Christmas Morning. The days surrounding Christmas are busy ones in this house and we are grateful and blessed to have so much family around us to see and celebrate our Jesus with.

First up on Christmas Eve was taking some baked goods to the local fire station. We had promised Perry that we would do that so he could go in and meet a real fireman and see the station. He was so excited and asked the sweet fire captain who greeted us all kinds of questions. He was very impressed at the fact there was a kitchen and big screen tv inside.

The Captain showed us all around the station and took us out in the garage to see the firetruck. Perry was in little boy heaven. Thanks Captain Smith for showing us around and answering a two year old's questions. You are his hero.

Then Perry and I went and picked up Grandma and brought her back to our house for lunch. Grandma wanted to take a picture with Perry in front of her tree and Perry had fun playing with her little wooden nativity that I have so many memories playing with as a little girl.

Back at our house we had a simple and yummy lunch of pizza, salad and wings. And ate around the dining room table which belonged originally to Grandma's Grandma.

Poppers with crowns inside never gets old. 

We opened presents and played until it was time for Perry to get a nap. That evening we went to church for Christmas Eve service and then over to Mommyteen and PawPaw's for dinner. And I failed at taking pictures. Oops.

Once Perry was tucked into bed, Santa came to visit and Andrew and I sat and enjoyed our his handiwork. 

The next morning Andrew and I got up and did our Christmas with each other before waking Perry up. Ann came over to visit and we waited for her to arrive to go wake the sleepy child and bring him downstairs to see his presents. He was more excited initially about his octonaut toy than the giant teepee and campfire. I don't think he knew what to do with them. Thankfully he figured it out and now loves them!

Andrew and I both gave each other new handbags. lol. I got a new fancy Michael Kors totebag and Andrew got a Yeti hopper.

Late morning the Moreland family came over for our family Christmas. We had a awesome spread of brunch food. We ate, opened presents and visited through mid afternoon. Love these people!


So many presents!

It is not Moreland Christmas without a cookie cake for my birthday. And this year it was a 30th birthday cookie cake. Perry helped me blow out my candles, and was also more than willing to help eat the cake too. It was a super fun Christmas morning!


Saturday, January 23, 2016
It has been a winter of birthdays, and birthday parties. Our newest genetic counselor at HudsonAlpha, Meagan, has a little girl Olivia who is just one day younger than Perry. So of course she turned three recently too.

Perry got invited to a "girly dinosaur" party to celebrate. Olivia is a little girl who loves pink and princesses, but also dinosaurs and trains. It was such a fun party. Meagan made the cutest little dinosaur party hats for all the kids to wear and amazingly P kept his on the whole time. Olivia got a train table from Santa this year and Perry made himself right at home.

There were lots of fun things to do like a feed the dinosaur game and a dinosaur dig (moon sand with lots of dinosaurs and treasures buried in).

Perry held his own in a party of little girls. I don't think he even noticed that he was the only boy around. Nor did he notice that he was the only one who kept his party hat on the whole time. ha.

Happy 3rd birthday sweet girl!

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