Carving the Ice Cream Turkey

Tuesday, January 5, 2016
Thanksgiving 2015 was a while back now, but we had a full day of fun. The morning started slow with coffee by the light of the christmas tree and watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. The day is just not complete without seeing the Rockettes high kick across that big star.

First Thanksgiving of the day was with the Moreland family. They came over mid morning for brunch. We had traditional Moreland mimosas, egg casserole, sausage balls, and an ice cream cake that looked like an amazingly life like cooked turkey (well done Baskin Robbins). I mean it had white and dark meat, I mean ice cream, inside under a caramel "skin."

Later that afternoon the East family came over for Thanksgiving celebration number 2. The menu was yummy and traditional. Turkey (the actual meat version this time), green bean casserole, apple cranberry casserole, dressing, rolls. 

After dinner we all sat and watched the Charlie Brown East family tradition. Perry and Kate were mesmerized. Or maybe it is the massive TV we just got that week as a christmas gift to Andrew.

We also took some serious and silly family photos with the selfie stick. Which as much as you might make fun of...often actually comes in quite useful. This has become one of our favorite photos recently as we didn't know it at the time but it would be our last whole family photo with Gary. Sweet memories.

And like every East thanksgiving the kiddos got matching christmas jammies which they must immediately change into for some pictures. It's like officially kicking off the Christmas season. The funny story this year is that these jammies were really just for show. We made the kids keep the tags on because we were going to take them off and promptly send them back to the store. They were replacement jammies because the real ones we ordered were not in yet...but we could not go without our matching christmas jammie cousin pictures. :) And I'm so glad we did. The pictures turned out sweet. These cousins love each other so much!

and have and had the Granna and Gradaddy around!

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