Partying in Wonderland

Friday, January 29, 2016
I have the best husband and friends around. Hands down. I really didn't think there was going to be many surprising me for my 30th birthday this year. Between our busy schedules (which I largely control), Christmas crazy, Perry's birthday and everything else I thought the big 3-0 would pass without a big celebration. However, I was wrong.

Sweet friends helped throw the prettiest, most perfect surprise party I could imagine. What I thought was a normal lifegroup night ended up an elegeant, kid free soiree at Belle Faire. They did an Alice in Wonderland theme which was so sweet and fun. 30 pink balloons, pretty china, frilly pink drinks, and fun photobooth props, yummy food from Tortora's, and 30 little fun presents filled the room. They even got my grandma in on the fun too and borrowed from her some cute (and embarrassing) childhood pictures and memories to decorate the table with.

The flowers were spectacular and painted red like in the real wonderland. Just look at these pictures. So beautiful!

The party and venue were pretty. But the best part was getting to spend a night with lots of our closest friends. Love these people we get to do life with!

Thank you all for the countless hours you spent pouring into this night. I am one blessed (30 year old) girl!

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