Perry's 3rd Birthday: Episode 2

Friday, January 22, 2016
There was one other little birthday celebration for our big 3 year old. We let him pick out some cupcakes to have the fine bakery people at Walmart make, and took them in to school one day to share with his friends at lunch. It was fun getting to go "eat" with him (more like watch him eat) and see him in his lunchtime element. I learned that he does indeed eat green least at school he does. Sorry are busted and are now required to eat them at home. :)

After eating the nutritious part of the meal, everyone in the lunchroom sang happy birthday to Perry and we passed out dessert.

He picked out these jungle themed cupcakes with little plastic animals on top. I tell you it was a very diverse birthday between a snowman family party, jungle school party and a big peter pan party.

Not sure the teachers (or other parents) loved the green icing situation. But the kids seemed to approve. :)

Above is Perry and his favorite friend Sullivan (Sully). We hear they are inseparable. Like will not eat their lunch if they are not sitting beside each other. They are so sweet to one another and play so well together. We are so sad that Sully and his family are about to move away and Perry is going to lose his little best buddy at school. That is sad life experience at any age.

And I think that wraps up the myriad of birthday festivities. Perry had an awesome 3rd birthday. Thanks to everyone who helped us make it so special. 

Happy Birthday Perry! Mommy and Daddy (and so many others) love you so very much!!

I guess that mean's it's time to work on no. 4?!? Maybe not yet.

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