Perry's 3rd Birthday: Episode I

Friday, January 8, 2016
We officially have a 3 year old in this house. Perry turned 3 last Sunday (1/3/16) at 2:34 pm. He is so proud of his new age status and has mastered the important skill of holding up three fingers.

We have told him that being three comes with the necessity of potty training. And thus far this has just made him laugh. Apparently we need to come up with some other tactics there. 

We have a big party planned for him with all his friends (and family) in another week or so, once everyone is back in town and calmed down from the crazy of the holidays. But we had a little celebration with Perry with some family and close friends on his actual birthday. 

After church everyone joined us back at our house for a winter friendly lunch of chicken alfredo, salad, bread, snowman cupcakes and a hot chocolate bar. Winter whites, blues and silver was the general simple decor theme. 

* still looks like Christmas in our house...and it still does...but sometimes things just have to wait.

After we ate lunch we all gathered round the birthday boy and sang him a song to the light of a #3 candle. 

And it was off to the races on the cupcake. Really Perry just wanted the icing. And suckered Daddy into adding some sprinkles to the can put sprinkles on anything when it's your birthday I suppose.

Then it was time to let P open his presents. He got lots of awesome stuff...legos, trains, books, a raggedy andy, orange traffic cones, a jack hammer...a helmet...all the things little 3 year old boys need. Perry loved it all.

Thank you to everyone who came and helped us celebrate our little guy's 3rd birthday! We are so blessed to have so much family and friends close by to be able to come and party with us.

And shout out to Nathan, my brother in law, and newest family member for being able and willing to be the paparazzi at this party. He is so so skilled behind the camera lens and it is so amazing to be able to put the phone/camera down and enjoy the moment and not worry about having to be the one to take the pictures. Thanks Nathan!! 

Happy 3rd Birthday Pear Bear. You are such a joy and we love watching you grow up before our eyes. You are the sweetest, silliest, most fun 3 year old around. We love you so much!!

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