Birthday Party Palooza

Wednesday, February 24, 2016
It was a weekend of birthdays this past weekend. Perfect excuse to celebrate and eat lots (and lots) of cake. I think we are still in a sugar coma.

Friday night we had a fun little dinner and campfire with some friends. And we celebrated Gina's upcoming birthday with cupcakes and a side of s'mores.

Saturday Perry had not one, but two, birthday parties for friends in his preschool class. It was a busy day for sure. But oh so fun!

The day started off with a visit to Grandma on the way to party number one. It was a sweet visit and fun to watch her and Perry play. She read him books and taught him to write some letters.

Then it was off to Everett's house to help him celebrate his 3rd birthday, Minion style. It was a fun party with lots of super cute food and games and even a small bouncy house in the backyard.

We headed from there to Perry's best buddy Sully's 3rd birthday party which was at Up a Creek. Sully is moving to Texas this week which is going to be so sad. His dad told me that when they went and toured the new preschool in Texas that Sully asked if Perry would be there. Even at 3 they have formed such a sweet bond. Sully's party was Mickey Mouse Clubhouse themed and it was so fun. The kids at the party had the whole place to themselves to play for two hours with a brief intermission for chicken nuggets and cake. Pictures were hard to come by because no kids would stand still long enough to not be a blur. lol.

Up a Creek was awesome and I know for a fact that Perry and Ellie Mae had to be carried out crying and kicking because they didn't want to leave. Sign of a good party right there.

It was a super fun day of celebrations followed by naptime. For everyone.

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