Final Christmas Fun

Thursday, February 4, 2016
I am going to call getting all of Christmas blogged before Valentines day a win. lol. There are a bunch of other little miscellaneous Christmas memories that haven't been shared yet, so I am going to stick them all here together and get it wrapped up with tinsel and a bow.

1. Perry's big boy room got dressed up for Christmas this year. He hasn't officially moved into the room for sleeping. We aren't messing with a good thing when it comes to this kid's sleep. But he plays in his big boy room because that is where is train table has found it's home. We got him a sweet little tree from land of nod that came with a felt skirt, gnome for the top and little felt ornaments. It was perfect. We supplemented with some of his small ornaments from the big family tree. He loved helping decorate his tree. Next to it sat his wooden Melissa and Doug nativity set.

2. We went to see Kate perform in "The Grinch Who Stole Christmas." She made a very cute little Who Girl.

3. One day Perry and Hadley just happened to be dressed alike. Seriously, could not have planned it better if we had tried. So we had to get some pictures of the two coordinating Christmas kids.

4. Perry was a good little helper in the kitchen. One of our favorite memories was teaching him to make puppy chow (that amazing chex mix, chocolate, peanut butter, and powdered sugar concoction with a heavy dose of butter). Perry's task was peeling the butter wrappers, pouring in the chocolate chips, and of course taste testing the end result.

6. We went over to Granna's one night and had her help us build a gingerbread house.

7. Perry's preschool class had their annual Christmas Party. We were on "sweet side" duty and got some amazing "north pole" mini cookies from Telah. Perry had so much fun eating and playing with his school friends.

8. We went to Santa's Village downtown for the first time. We had heard it was crowded and crazy and it lived up to it's reputation. Didn't help that we went on a really pretty night when it was warm outside and everyone else in Huntsville also thought it would be a good time to visit. We stood in line for Santa for a really long time, but it was worth it. It was an awesome Santa and Perry loved meeting him. They had lots of other fun things to do there too that didn't have long lines. We wrote a letter to Santa with Perry's wish list (which consisted of DinoTrux, Octonauts, and Thomas), met some reindeer, colored an ornament, and lots of other little fun things.

Whew. And I think that is a wrap on Christmas 2015. It really is the most wonderful time of the year!

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