How Huntsville does Mardi Gras

Thursday, February 18, 2016
Better late than never but here is a little recap of our Mardi Gras festivities. Not a huge holiday in our family but we had a little fun with it this year.

A couple weeks ago we had our friends the Towry's over for dinner and were feeling a little Cajan. We did some rice, sausage and shrimp and of course had to have a king cake for dessert. Apparently baking plastic babies inside food has been deemed a choking hazard and liability so publix just put the baby beside the cake which is kind of I took it upon myself to walk on the risky wild side and jam the poor baby up into the cake from the bottom somewhere. Where is the fun if someone does not accidentally eat a plastic baby? It was yummy. It was a fun low key night of dinner and games and some basketball watching.

This past weekend we rounded out our Mardi Gras fun with the official parade downtown. It was freezing cold but it was fun. We ran into our friends the Ledbetters downtown so it was extra fun to stand with them and catch up on life. Perry and Daniel had fun watching the parade together.

Huntsville parades are such a special cultural experience. I had no idea there were so many interesting themed women's organizations in our city. Apparently there is a whole community for women who like pink. And leopard print. It was a fun spectacle to watch and we all got lots of beads thrown our way.

We are looking forward hopefully to a much warmer weekend ahead. And maybe some good play time outside. I don't know about you but I am so ready for spring and warm weather!

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