Mommy and Me Valentines Breakfast

Sunday, February 14, 2016
Yesterday morning Perry and I went on a little mommy/son breakfast date. Emma's Tea Room was having a Mommy & Me breakfast specifically for little ones under the age of 7.

Side bar...there is a real discrepancy in the number of valentines activities for the little guys. So many valentines activities are solely for daddy's and daughters. Sweet, yes. But where are all the mother/son things?

Anyways...there were lots of little girls at breakfast, but a few other well mannered boys as well. It was a fun morning to get dressed up, take some pictures and go have a sweet breakfast with my boy.

How precious is this picture of P with flowers "picking mommy up for breakfast."

I love this sweet, handsome boy so much. I hope and pray we can instill in him the desire and the ways to show God's love and respect to other people, on Valentines day and everyday.

Breakfast was a prefix $15 for both of us and consisted of quiche, muffins, grapes and a drink served in a fancy tea cup and saucer. Perry thought that was strange...and wanted to know why his cup was sitting on a "plate." 

Every table had a craft on it for kids to work on, a valentines frame with stickers to decorate it with. Perry did awesome peeling the backs off the stickers and arranging them all on his own.  He was so proud of the finished product.

Thank you sweet boy for a fun morning and being my breakfast date. This may just have to become a valentines weekend tradition. Love you! To the moon and back.

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