Preschool Valentines

Sunday, February 14, 2016
Holidays are so fun on the preschool scene. Whenever the little food/volunteer sign-up sheet gets taped up on the doorframe to the classroom, it means a holiday party is on it's way.

Friday was the day for Valentines parties throughout the school since actual Valentines Day fell on the weekend. We decided that this year Perry's valentines for his friends would be s'mores themed, because well yum, and because Minted had these precious little valentines cards on sale.

A tagged treat bag filled with graham crackers, chocolate and heart shaped marshmallows was easy peasy.

The Minted order was not without drama...after we received a set in which 1/3 of them were signed "From Madeline." I guess there is a Madeline somewhere in the world who has the rest of our original "Perry" order. They fixed it though and got a new batch to us just in time. Just glad it got caught before they all got distributed to his friends and people were wondering who the new kid in the class is, and why Perry forgot them.

Perry was a good helper with the valentines assembly. Until he started eating the marshmallows that is.

We were also in charge of a sweet treat for the preschool valentines party. So we decided to make valentines themed s'mores bites. These things are so stinking easy and easy to modify for a color/theme. The original version would be milk chocolate with graham cracker crumbs on a marshmallow. But here we just used white chocolate and died it pink for a little extra "love." What isn't shown is the lollipop sticks I shoved into each one the next day. The HudsonAlpha Education team has become quite fond of s'more bites as well so they were gifted with all the leftovers.

I fell in love with this "love you more" hoodie and had to get it for Perry to wear for Valentines Day. Finding boy valentines clothes is no easy task. But this hoodie was perfect, subtle and he can keep wearing it all spring. We had a little photo shoot before we headed off to preschool on Friday morning. If I have learned one thing, it is to get the pictures you want before you send a little one off to school (yeah I am talking about you, Halloween incident of 2015, when there was an outfit change before party time).

The party was sweet and fun. The kiddos did a craft and ate their lunch on valentines plates and napkins. It was so fun to see the kids in their preschool scene and catch up with the other parents. The food was all right up their, cheese puffs, popcorn, sweets...and not a veggie in sight.

It's getting a little easier to get pictures of Perry with his friends. When they want to cooperate that is. Above are pictures with two of his favorite "friends that are girls": Ellis and Ellie Mae. And as the last photo shows...the most fool proof way to get smiles on toddlers is to turn the photo to selfie mode.

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