Three Year Old Checkup

Monday, February 22, 2016
Perry had his annual visit to the pediatrician last week. And it went very "normal." Which is exactly what you want. He was right at the 50%ile for hight and weight. 37.5 inches tall and honestly I can't even remember what the weight was...but it was perfectly normal.

I remember the height well...because immediately what started running through my head was disney world attraction heigh requirements...and he is 0.5 inches away from being able to ride the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. I am thinking with a couple months and the right shoes we will be all set. :) I know I am not the only mom who thinks these things...

3 year old check up means no shots. And thankfully Perry wasn't listening when Dr. Ellis said next year there would be "four at four." Eek. I about fell out when he said that would be his pre-kindergarten shots. I don't even want to think of my baby being in something called pre-kindergarten any time soon.

Perry passed all the milestone questions with flying colors. Except that potty training thing...we are still working on that (and doing quite well these days).

So we are all set for another year. We have miraculously made it though this winter without any sick visits (knock on wood) except for a bad diaper rash issue...which is not really being "sick." Seems like everyone else at preschool has been out sick lately.

Perry was feeling stylish or trying to avoid the bright lights of the doctors office...and felt the need to sport his shades inside. No confidence problems here. :)

A few other things about Perry these days. He still sleeps like a teenager. Last weekend we literally woke him up at 11:45 am. He eats well most of the time. Favorites would be any kids favorites...chicken and fries, pizza, macaroni and cheese, fruit, cheese dip. Least favorite would be broccoli. He still sleeps in his crib though his big boy room is all set and ready and he will play in there. We are not messing with a good thing when it comes to his sleep.

Favorite things to do are puzzles, games, legos and watching octonauts. He loves reading books too. He is starting to get really interested in spelling things and knowing what letter various words start with in conversation. I hear that at school he can recognize every other child's name in the class. So proud of him and all he is learning to do. Three is such a fun (and challenging at times) age!

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