All the World's a Stage

Saturday, March 5, 2016
Whew. Happy Friday y'all. This week has been filled with lots of busyness and work with a little fun in the form of our favorite nephew's 9th birthday. Which we celebrated Tuesday night by the flame of the Hibachi grill. No Chucky Cheese for those kids...they have good taste.

Our week ended with a bang and a very late night out at Andrew's old high school stomping ground. We had a fun little family night out with dinner and going to see the Wizard of Oz put on my Grissom High School's musical theater. The show started at 7:30 which meant it would be over...well past bedtime. Perry did awesome though. He loved the show (though the thought the wizard was excessively loud and the tornado part was a little sad) and every time the room went dark he would look up and say "are they coming back?!?" He was quiet and watched the whole thing intently, sweet boy.

The show was amazing. The students on stage did an awesome job singing, dancing and acting...and sometimes at the same time. Would have never guessed many of them were high school students. The sets and effects were super cool as well. Good job Grissom!

We are all glad it is Friday for lots of reasons. One being that we can sleep in a little bit tomorrow!

Tonight was actually our second theater adventure in the last couple of weeks. We took Perry a couple weekends ago to go see Winnie the Pooh at the Fantasy Playhouse Theater. It was also really cute and well done. Perry loved that show too. Especially Piglet.

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