Cookie Creativity

Tuesday, March 1, 2016
I have been saying for several years that I really want to learn to bake and decorate pretty sugar cookies. It seems like such a fun (and yummy) creative outlet and a really useful skill to have for parties and other events.

I have dabbled a time or two but usually ended up frustrated at having cookies that spread and got disfigured when baked (talking about you gingerbread man turned michelin man) or weird icing consistencies. I had a win a couple weeks ago with some super bowl football cookies where I finally found a good (and easy) cookie recipe that keeps it's shape, that made me start to think that maybe I can figure this thing out.

When "my cookie lady" Telah announced she was offering cookie decorating classes I jumped at it. A night learning from the pro? Yes please. Ann went with me and we had a fun girls night out learning the basics of royal icing art.

She taught us lots of different skills and we got to play with some of her fancy tools like stencils and an airbrush. So fun. 

So now I find myself coming up with reasons to make cookies because well, practice makes perfect. This weekend was the Oscars and we had the Towry's over to watch. So I played around with some movie themed cookies. I have to continue to have patience and turn down my perfectionist nature....but I think they turned out pretty cute. My icing writing needs some work. 

Perry requested some "mickey" cookies so while I was using red and black I did a couple mouse heads for him.

We will see where it goes. If anyone wants to give me a reason to practice...just let me know. :)

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