Preschool Easter 2016

Monday, March 21, 2016
This week is spring break in Huntsville so preschool is down to a skeleton crew of workers and kiddos. So the big preschool Easter festivities happened last Friday.

The day started with an egg hunt outside on the playground. Perry had a little tumble at the beginning when he got tripped up with another little one running off to find the eggs. But he brushed it off and got a bunch of eggs in his basket. All the kids looked so cute in their Easter clothes.

Then we went back inside and the kids went back to their regularly scheduled preschool programming for a little while before the class party at 11:00. The day's schedule made me feel a little schizophrenic between work and mom life. I went to work for a meeting, then to school for the egg hunt at 9:30, then went and got a little work done at panera before heading back to Mayfair for the party at 11:00, then it was back to work for the rest of the day. Whew.

The party was fun and the kids had lots of yummy goodies to eat. Preschool holidays are the best. Until the end when it is time to leave and go back to work and Perry is clammering to go with me. Breaks my little working mom's heart. But it was just for a couple hours and we had a fun weekend in Auburn ahead of us.

Looking forward to some more Easter fun this week, celebrating our risen Savior!

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