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Five for Friday: updates

Friday, April 29, 2016
Hello Friday and hello almost weekend. My weekend will be spent partially working...teaching a physician CME event at the hospital tomorrow morning...but I am excited for some time at home hanging with my people and getting caught up with things around the house.

In honor of is a not so cohesive list of five things that have been happening around here lately.

We got a new fancy couch last week. Bless it's heart our old leather couch had paid its dues and it was time for it to go. We had bought it on Craig's list for probably something like $75 six years ago. Several cat scratches and a rip in the seat later we thought we were just going to put it out on the street to be picked up...but ended up selling it in a yard sale (one mans trash...another mans treasure) with the proceeds going to a sweet family's adoption. Win, win. Anyway...we love our new couch. We traded up to a pottery barn sectional which is so pretty and so comfy. And if you need me you can probably find me nestled into that corner seat,

Rocking the Rainbow Leopard like it's 1995

Wednesday, April 27, 2016
Going back in time to a couple of weeks ago when we celebrated my BFFs 30th birthday with a little surprise girls night in, 90s style.

The night was a blast from the past where we were rocking neon colors, rainbow leopard print, and all things girly. Adrienne thought she was just coming over to hang out on the couch in PJs with me and watch some classic Mary Kate and Ashley on DVD.

Which we did, so I did not lie. I just left out the part where a bunch of other girls would join us, we would eat ridiculous amounts of food, and play games.

Wordless Wednesday

From sea to shining sea

Sunday, April 24, 2016
Hi from rainy Seattle. I got on a plane at 5:45 this morning and headed west, way west, to Seattle for a work meeting the next few days. Thank you American Airlines for personal tv screens that let you pass time by watching the mockumentary gem "Best in Show," because it made 4 hours in a middle seat so much more fun.

I flew with my coworker Candice and when we got here we dropped our stuff in the room and immediately went out to start exploring the city. Seattle is known for its dreary weather and it has not disappointed on that front. Rain boots and an umbrella were packing must-haves.

We went and found the original Starbucks, wandered through Pike Place Market, and visited the Space Needle. That is a big check off the bucket list. It wasn't crowded at all and we got to go right on up to the top. We hit it in between rain/drizzle showers so we got to go out on the observation deck and take in the views without getting wet.


Wordless Wednesday: school pictures

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Star Wars dinner and a movie night

Continuing our immersion plan for Perry to become well versed in all the great Disney movies in anticipation of some fun Disney vacations we have coming up this year. We are having fun doing fun disney "dinner and a movie" nights. Some times we go a little more all out with themed food and decorations...and sometimes we just break open a box of Vader shaped Kraft macaroni and cheese.

Monday night we feasted on Vader et al shaped noodles and nestled in on the couch to watch some Star Wars: Episode IV. We started way back at the beginning of the series and introduced Perry to the likes of Luke, Chewbacca, Vader, R2-D2, and so on and so on. We talked about what we would say to Chewie and Vader if we see them down at Disney World soon.

Perry watched and played along with his own light saber. Love love his new R2-D2 and CP3O pajamas we found on sale at Hanna Andersson this weekend while shopping in Atlanta. Shop here. Also love hearing his sweet little 3 year old voice try to say R2-D2 and CP3O.

It was a fun family night to start off our week. And looking forward to another one real we also have a box of Nemo/Dory shaped macaroni sitting in the pantry now too. :)

Another April, another Moonbuggy

Sunday, April 10, 2016
Saturdays are often a flurry with activity. But this Saturday rivals the busiest of them. I got home from a work trip in Mobile Friday evening and jumped right back into family life. Saturday morning Perry and I were up at the crack of dawn to go staff obstacle 8 at the NASA Lunar Rover Challenge (affectionately known in my heart as the moonbuggy race).

It was so cold. April in Alabama should not seen 30 something degree weather. Once the sun came up it was much more bearable. But those early hours were bitter. Some kind soul at a nearby obstacle took pity on Perry and brought him some hot hands for his pockets.

This was our view for the morning. Not too shabby. Huntsville is such a cool city.

Once it warmed up some Perry was loving life and in little boy heaven...watching rovers tough the course, helping shovel the Mars sand on our obstacle and playing in piles of hay and rocks in between. He was totally filthy by the end (like I could pat him on the back and dust flew out) but i'm sure he would tell you it was worth it. 

I love looking back at pictures of the moonbuggy races over the years. Perry has been there every year since he was born. Growing up alongside and playing on pretend Martian rocks and sand. It is such a joy to get to share things with him that my momma shared with me. Hopefully this is an April tradition we will continue for many years to come.

When our shift at the races were done it was off to a wardrobe change and I headed to a baby shower for my cousin Mary Brantley, while Andrew and Perry headed home for a much needed bath and nap.

Then that evening to top off a really busy and amazing day we headed up on Monte Sano for a dinner party at the Bicks. Dr. Bick is the new medical geneticist at HudsonAlpha. He and his wife have an absolutely amazing view off the mountain. Perry had fun playing with Olivia and the other kiddos while the adults mingled. And when you are at someone elses house the safest place for 3 year olds to eat unsupervised would be the floor. ha. Perry and Olivia enjoyed their picnic.

It was great visiting with work people outside of work. Talking about things other than clinic and genomes. Love doing life with these two amazing genetic counselors. And apparently Meagan didn't get the unspoken memo that it was camel colored cardigan night. lol.

Spring weekend on the plains

Sunday, April 3, 2016
This post is a few weeks old now, but I am finally getting around to posting some pictures from a fun filled weekend we spent on the Auburn plains. We had not been down there since football season and it was due time to go see family and our beloved college town.

We drove down after work on Friday and didn't get to Lafayette until late with a stop for dinner and lots of rain. We fell into bed because we had to be up before the sun on Saturday for a full day of Auburn fun. First off was dropping Ann and Perry off at Aunt Susan's house in Auburn at 5 am (yikes...sorry Susan!). Why so early? Because Andrew and I had a date with a 5k at the Auburn Running Festival's Finish on the 50.

The Auburn running festival is an annual set of races that start at Toomers Corner and end on the 50 yard line in the stadium. They have distances all the way up to a half marathon (no thanks), but we played it easy and just did the 5k with a lot of walking therein. It was an absolutely beautiful day for a run, and we watched the sun come up over Toomers Corner.


It was nice to be out running and walking. Andrew and I did a lot of just chatting too and enjoying some child-free time which was also really nice. We finished the race on the field. It is a rush to run out on the turf...took me back to my flag line days. We met our favorite tiger at the end too!

And check this out...we made the front and center of the Auburn Opelika Newspaper the next morning. Can you spy us? Don't we look legit? Good thing they caught us at the beginning while we were still running. lol.

After the race we went back to Susan and Ken's house to clean up and eat lunch. Then it was off to wander campus with Perry, do some shopping, and hit up the afternoon baseball game against Texas A&M. We really thought Perry would fall asleep in the stroller walking around campus but not so much. I guess there was just too much to look at. Can't blame him there. 

He loved running and playing on campus. And was so excited to go see Auburn. On our way from Susan's to campus he kept asking "is Auburn straight ahead?!?" Future auburn tiger in the making right there. I have visions of taking this same picture in his cap and gown in the class of 2035!?! Is that a real number?


 Perry was a trooper and made it until about inning 8 in the game before he totally passed out right there in the stands. Bless it.

Our Auburn day ended with dinner. Andrew and I cannot agree on favorite restaurant so we made us both happy by making a quick stop by Amsterdam for me to go in and order a turkey wrap to go and taking it with us to eat at Mike and Eds BBQ. That is how we roll.

It was a full day and we were all in bed early at the end of it back in Lafayette for the night. Sunday we got up and had a much more leisurely morning with Grandmama before heading for home. Can't wait for football season and more trips to Lafayette and Auburn this fall! War Eagle!

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