Another April, another Moonbuggy

Sunday, April 10, 2016
Saturdays are often a flurry with activity. But this Saturday rivals the busiest of them. I got home from a work trip in Mobile Friday evening and jumped right back into family life. Saturday morning Perry and I were up at the crack of dawn to go staff obstacle 8 at the NASA Lunar Rover Challenge (affectionately known in my heart as the moonbuggy race).

It was so cold. April in Alabama should not seen 30 something degree weather. Once the sun came up it was much more bearable. But those early hours were bitter. Some kind soul at a nearby obstacle took pity on Perry and brought him some hot hands for his pockets.

This was our view for the morning. Not too shabby. Huntsville is such a cool city.

Once it warmed up some Perry was loving life and in little boy heaven...watching rovers tough the course, helping shovel the Mars sand on our obstacle and playing in piles of hay and rocks in between. He was totally filthy by the end (like I could pat him on the back and dust flew out) but i'm sure he would tell you it was worth it. 

I love looking back at pictures of the moonbuggy races over the years. Perry has been there every year since he was born. Growing up alongside and playing on pretend Martian rocks and sand. It is such a joy to get to share things with him that my momma shared with me. Hopefully this is an April tradition we will continue for many years to come.

When our shift at the races were done it was off to a wardrobe change and I headed to a baby shower for my cousin Mary Brantley, while Andrew and Perry headed home for a much needed bath and nap.

Then that evening to top off a really busy and amazing day we headed up on Monte Sano for a dinner party at the Bicks. Dr. Bick is the new medical geneticist at HudsonAlpha. He and his wife have an absolutely amazing view off the mountain. Perry had fun playing with Olivia and the other kiddos while the adults mingled. And when you are at someone elses house the safest place for 3 year olds to eat unsupervised would be the floor. ha. Perry and Olivia enjoyed their picnic.

It was great visiting with work people outside of work. Talking about things other than clinic and genomes. Love doing life with these two amazing genetic counselors. And apparently Meagan didn't get the unspoken memo that it was camel colored cardigan night. lol.

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