Five for Friday: updates

Friday, April 29, 2016
Hello Friday and hello almost weekend. My weekend will be spent partially working...teaching a physician CME event at the hospital tomorrow morning...but I am excited for some time at home hanging with my people and getting caught up with things around the house.

In honor of is a not so cohesive list of five things that have been happening around here lately.

We got a new fancy couch last week. Bless it's heart our old leather couch had paid its dues and it was time for it to go. We had bought it on Craig's list for probably something like $75 six years ago. Several cat scratches and a rip in the seat later we thought we were just going to put it out on the street to be picked up...but ended up selling it in a yard sale (one mans trash...another mans treasure) with the proceeds going to a sweet family's adoption. Win, win. Anyway...we love our new couch. We traded up to a pottery barn sectional which is so pretty and so comfy. And if you need me you can probably find me nestled into that corner seat,

We got to find out the gender of baby Caudle number 2. And it's another girl! We had a little gender reveal at lifegroup last week and the inside of the cupcakes were bright pink! Can't wait to meet her!

Project staircase gallery wall is under construction. One of our long term visions when we bought this house was eventually putting up a gallery wall of frames in our foyer going up the stairs. It is a HUGE wall so we have put it off because it is a pretty big project. But while we were in Atlanta last weekend we hit up Ikea and bought a bunch of their white Ribba frames to get that ball rolling. Got to love Ikea for frames....they have so many sizes in the same style and they are such a good deal. Pretty sure we annoyed the stew out of all the other shoppers blocking aisles with our mock up gallery wall in the floor. So far we have the frame layout done and pictures in just need to mount them on the wall.

Our biggest piece of news that is not really hot off the press, but I haven't really mentioned it here yet is that Andrew started a new job, also known as his dream job, this year. After a bunch of years at CVS paying his dues with long hours, weekend shifts, and drive through windows he took a position as a pharmacist at Fox Army Hospital on base. He is really enjoying it, and all of us are enjoying him being at home nights, weekends, and holidays. It is truly an answer to many many prayers.

And last but not least....drum roll please....we are potty trained! Also an answer to prayer. We finally started hitting the potty training hard the last few weeks and Perry has got it down pat. Still an accident every now and again and we haven't totally conquered the night time training...but he is doing awesome during the day. We are so excited and proud of him. And I must brag for a minute...all three year olds love independence...but the other night we were eating dinner and Perry needed to go potty. So I got him down from the table and asked if he wanted me to take him. To which he answered "no, I can go myself, you and dad finish eating." It was so sweet and considerate. And sure enough he did just that. 

And there you go...five totally random updates for your Friday. Hope you have a great one!

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