From sea to shining sea

Sunday, April 24, 2016
Hi from rainy Seattle. I got on a plane at 5:45 this morning and headed west, way west, to Seattle for a work meeting the next few days. Thank you American Airlines for personal tv screens that let you pass time by watching the mockumentary gem "Best in Show," because it made 4 hours in a middle seat so much more fun.

I flew with my coworker Candice and when we got here we dropped our stuff in the room and immediately went out to start exploring the city. Seattle is known for its dreary weather and it has not disappointed on that front. Rain boots and an umbrella were packing must-haves.

We went and found the original Starbucks, wandered through Pike Place Market, and visited the Space Needle. That is a big check off the bucket list. It wasn't crowded at all and we got to go right on up to the top. We hit it in between rain/drizzle showers so we got to go out on the observation deck and take in the views without getting wet.


The pacific northwest is so pretty!

Meanwhile, to play catch-up a little bit we as a family headed east last weekend to Atlanta. We had a free weekend and wanted to go see Kristen one more time before she moved out of Atlanta to her new job in Charleston (which we can't wait to visit). We got there late Friday night not leaving until after work and fighting traffic and rain. Saturday morning Andrew and I got up and took Perry to the Georgia Aquarium. We had not been there since Perry was 7-8 months old.

He loved it then, and loved it even more now. He has really gotten into ocean creatures and knows a lot about them thanks to his favorite show Octonauts. I am pretty sure he felt like an octonaut for a day. His favorites were the huge whale sharks (above). He might now be sleeping with a stuffed miniature version which he has affectionately named "Sharky."

On our way to the aquarium to see the whales and fishes and penguins we stopped by Sublime Doughnuts for breakfast. If you can really call that amount of sugar breakfast. I read good reviews of the place online and definitely it did not disappoint. The doughnuts were so unique and amazing. We got a reeses peanut butter, oreo, 'smores, chocolate frosted (Perry's choice), boston cream, and orange. Some to eat there and some to take home with us.

After the aquarium it was time to eat again, so we met up with Kristen for lunch at the Shake Shack in Buckhead. It was not a good day for the diet, but so yummy.

After lunch we all went and did some shopping at Ikea and the nice Atlanta malls before nestling in back at Kristen's for pizza on the couch and tv watching after a full day of fun.

We slept in some on Sunday, had some brunch, and headed our way back to Huntsville. It was a short trip but so fun. Great to see Kristen one more time before she moves a little further away.

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