Rocking the Rainbow Leopard like it's 1995

Wednesday, April 27, 2016
Going back in time to a couple of weeks ago when we celebrated my BFFs 30th birthday with a little surprise girls night in, 90s style.

The night was a blast from the past where we were rocking neon colors, rainbow leopard print, and all things girly. Adrienne thought she was just coming over to hang out on the couch in PJs with me and watch some classic Mary Kate and Ashley on DVD.

Which we did, so I did not lie. I just left out the part where a bunch of other girls would join us, we would eat ridiculous amounts of food, and play games.

It was girls night no boys were allowed. Andrew and Perry got sequestered to Ann's house for the night. Love this group of girls so much. It was so fun to hang out and relive our childhood together.

We had an enormous amount of food to consume: bruschetta, meatballs, lots of cheese and charcuterie, veggies, chocolate fondue, cookies and of course cake. How cute were the rainbow leopard and nail polish cookies. Telah (aka my cookie lady) really outdid herself there. To top it all off there was a popcorn bar for movie time and a candy cake in case anyone was feeling hypoglycemic.

The drinks for the night were pink and bubbly. Raspberry lemonade with your choice of Champagne or sparkling grape juice. Another party-hack I learned from this one is spray-painting just the base of plastic disposable champagne flutes. I took a stack of those bad boys outside and sprayed the bunch of them on a box top with some metallic gold and in a split second had really cute and fancy looking glassware.

For games we played 90's trivia. Do you know what the word "tomagotchi" stands for or remember the name of the TV host for the show "Double Dare?" We do now. :)

And we played spin the bottle. No...not that kind of spin the bottle...the kind where you steal the spinner from your child's board game, draw on some cardstock, add some nail polish bottles, and everyone wins with much more colorful nails. I was pretty smitten with how this turned out and everyone got to keep their nail polish winnings. And afterwards the spinner was returned to it's rightful place in Perry's Hi Ho Cherry-O game no worse for the ware.

Because Adrienne and I have been friends since forever my photo stashes are full of all kinds of embarrassing stuff from our childhoods. So I did not pass up the opportunity to project some photographic gems from the years up on the TV as a backdrop to our 90s playlist.

It was birthday girls choice of which Olsen movie to watch to finish out the night...and the winner was Holiday in the Sun. A true classic.

So true story that Adrienne and I still laugh about...we were mildly (totally) obsessed with Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen as kids. And anyone else who was born in 1985-1986 probably was too...and knows that back then there was an official Mary Kate and Ashley fan club you could join. It was a subscription service that for some price each month they would send you some stuff in the mail...magazines, movies, know stuff that totally made it an awesome financial decision. Well our parents being good, economical parents did not succumb to our begging and did not let us become members of the MK&A what did we do? We made our own. It was wildly famous...and topped out at 2 members. lol. But we had just as much fun I am sure. 

I had so much fun putting this little girls night in together to celebrate a very special friend and her extra special birthday! Happy Birthday BFF! are thirty, flirty, and thriving! Love you sweet girl!

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