Spring weekend on the plains

Sunday, April 3, 2016
This post is a few weeks old now, but I am finally getting around to posting some pictures from a fun filled weekend we spent on the Auburn plains. We had not been down there since football season and it was due time to go see family and our beloved college town.

We drove down after work on Friday and didn't get to Lafayette until late with a stop for dinner and lots of rain. We fell into bed because we had to be up before the sun on Saturday for a full day of Auburn fun. First off was dropping Ann and Perry off at Aunt Susan's house in Auburn at 5 am (yikes...sorry Susan!). Why so early? Because Andrew and I had a date with a 5k at the Auburn Running Festival's Finish on the 50.

The Auburn running festival is an annual set of races that start at Toomers Corner and end on the 50 yard line in the stadium. They have distances all the way up to a half marathon (no thanks), but we played it easy and just did the 5k with a lot of walking therein. It was an absolutely beautiful day for a run, and we watched the sun come up over Toomers Corner.


It was nice to be out running and walking. Andrew and I did a lot of just chatting too and enjoying some child-free time which was also really nice. We finished the race on the field. It is a rush to run out on the turf...took me back to my flag line days. We met our favorite tiger at the end too!

And check this out...we made the front and center of the Auburn Opelika Newspaper the next morning. Can you spy us? Don't we look legit? Good thing they caught us at the beginning while we were still running. lol.

After the race we went back to Susan and Ken's house to clean up and eat lunch. Then it was off to wander campus with Perry, do some shopping, and hit up the afternoon baseball game against Texas A&M. We really thought Perry would fall asleep in the stroller walking around campus but not so much. I guess there was just too much to look at. Can't blame him there. 

He loved running and playing on campus. And was so excited to go see Auburn. On our way from Susan's to campus he kept asking "is Auburn straight ahead?!?" Future auburn tiger in the making right there. I have visions of taking this same picture in his cap and gown in the class of 2035!?! Is that a real number?


 Perry was a trooper and made it until about inning 8 in the game before he totally passed out right there in the stands. Bless it.

Our Auburn day ended with dinner. Andrew and I cannot agree on favorite restaurant so we made us both happy by making a quick stop by Amsterdam for me to go in and order a turkey wrap to go and taking it with us to eat at Mike and Eds BBQ. That is how we roll.

It was a full day and we were all in bed early at the end of it back in Lafayette for the night. Sunday we got up and had a much more leisurely morning with Grandmama before heading for home. Can't wait for football season and more trips to Lafayette and Auburn this fall! War Eagle!

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