Star Wars dinner and a movie night

Wednesday, April 20, 2016
Continuing our immersion plan for Perry to become well versed in all the great Disney movies in anticipation of some fun Disney vacations we have coming up this year. We are having fun doing fun disney "dinner and a movie" nights. Some times we go a little more all out with themed food and decorations...and sometimes we just break open a box of Vader shaped Kraft macaroni and cheese.

Monday night we feasted on Vader et al shaped noodles and nestled in on the couch to watch some Star Wars: Episode IV. We started way back at the beginning of the series and introduced Perry to the likes of Luke, Chewbacca, Vader, R2-D2, and so on and so on. We talked about what we would say to Chewie and Vader if we see them down at Disney World soon.

Perry watched and played along with his own light saber. Love love his new R2-D2 and CP3O pajamas we found on sale at Hanna Andersson this weekend while shopping in Atlanta. Shop here. Also love hearing his sweet little 3 year old voice try to say R2-D2 and CP3O.

It was a fun family night to start off our week. And looking forward to another one real we also have a box of Nemo/Dory shaped macaroni sitting in the pantry now too. :)

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