Disney Style: Best Day Ever

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Welcome to the first Disney Style flat-lay here on the blog. I admittedly have an over the top need to organize outfits before we go on any trip, but especially Disney trips. I am totally that mom/wife/friend that needs to know what we are wearing and that clothes coordinate together and with whatever activities we have in store for the day (sorry folks). I lay clothes out and take pictures (not pretty pictures necessarily, but functional) to keep on my phone to jog my memory while on vacation. I figured that if I was going to go to that much trouble, that I ought to make the pictures look just a little more polished and share them here for others to maybe use for inspiration and shopping. Enjoy!

This is an outfit set that I have earmarked (catch that pun there?) for a little mommy/son long weekend in Disney that Perry and I have planned in a few weeks. Perry will finish preschool for the year and we will head straight to Orlando for a few days of Disney play. Pretty sure that any day you are headed to Disney is a "Best Day Ever."

Read on for details and links.

1: "Best Day Ever" and (custom requested) "Best Mom Ever" raglan baseball shirts from Sprinkled Sweet, an etsy shop. Dad didn't get left out. He has one to match too that isn't pictured. Shop here.

2: Mickey Mouse ear hat, from the Disney Store of course. Perry at 3 still fits into his original "baby" sized set. Shop here. Pro tip: you can buy ahead online and still take it into the Chapeau on Main Street and have it embroidered (if you are nostalgic like me and want the old school gold scripted font they won't do online).

3: Boys Summer Twill Breaker Shorts in capri blue by Vineyard Vines. Shop here. 

4. Personalized Mickey water bottle from Gifty Boutique, an etsy shop. Shop here. 

5. Mickey Mouse sunglasses from Subsidy Shades. Not available all the time. Follow Subsidy to watch for Mouse Collection pre-sales (they have Minnie too). I love this site, for these and lots of other super cute shades too. Shop here. 

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