Fish are friends, not food

Monday, May 16, 2016

We are continuing our tour through our Disney movie library with Perry whenever we have spare evenings free. And whenever we can we like to have our dinner or dessert somehow themed around the movie. Because we are OCD like that and it's a fun treat.

This week we had a Finding Nemo night where we whipped up some Dory and friends shaped Kraft macaroni and cheese to go with our chicken tenders and lima beans. Simple because hey it was a weeknight and we were doing good to get a vegetable on the table. The star of the table was dessert...and the cute little turtle cupcakes we made.

I found a similar recipe...can you call it a recipe when it is instructions on how to fashion candy in the shape of a turtle?... from Disney Family on Pinterest (link here) and had to do some improvising based on the candy selection at our local Publix. I still think they turned out pretty cute and somewhat resemble Squirt. Especially against a little hand lettered "fish are friends, not food" sign. Perry thinks that is the funniest saying. Ha. :)

Perry is a Nemo/Dory fan. It is funny how when watching movies with kids you notice all the sad/scary parts so much more. He still asks us time to time what happened to Nemo's mom....cause thats a story you want to keep telling. Yikes. We can't wait to go see Finding Dory in the theaters this summer! Here's to maybe no parents dying in that one... :)

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