Five for Friday: work hard, play hard

Friday, May 13, 2016
Just a few little things that have been happening around the water cooler of HudsonAlpha lately...

The spring benefit. That Thursday night each spring when we get dressed up all fancy and serve as volunteers and table hosts for the major annual fundraiser for research at the institute. This year the theme was neurodegenerative disease research. Excited to see how the funds will be used and the impact HudsonAlpha will continue to have in this field.

Undiagnosed disease day. Our genetic counselors helped advocate for those living with undiagnosed disease by donning zebra print ribbons and sharing on social media last week.

Farewell to Dr. Bob. The Educational Outreach team at HudsonAlpha said farewell and happy retirement to one of our own. For a young institute like HudsonAlpha we don't do retirements often. Dr. Bob is an amazing teacher and mentor and he will be missed. His cake had his face on it and looked like a google honor of his nickname "Dr. Google" because he pretty much knows everything.

Last Thursday the Genetic Counseling team and the hubbies and little ones went out after work for dinner and some social team building time. We had pizza downtown at Sam and Greg's and then all wandered down to the Greene Street market that was having its inaugural sale of the season. It was a little unseasonably cold, but that didn't stop us from enjoying some yummy popsicles.

Many of the Educational Outreach team got to go out for some dinner and drinks last Friday after work to celebrate the weeks end. Things are so busy, and a bit of a crazy train, around work these days making it hard to find time to talk to coworkers and friends during the work day. So it was nice to get together and talk about life and family and vacations for a bit and not just DNA.

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