Headed to the Mouse House

Friday, May 20, 2016

We have been counting down the days. And this afternoon Perry and I are headed off to our happy place for a little long weekend of fun with Mickey. We have lots of fun things planned to do and see and eat. And some characters to meet. Perry says who he wants to meet the most is Chewbacca...we will see how that goes when we actually comes face to face with that big hairy guy.

My plan is to really focus on this being a toddler-centric trip. We will not stay out too late, move a little slower, and let Perry pick a lot of what we do. Well I will at least give him options from within the predefined touring plan. ha.

I can't wait to share all about it once we get home. But until then here on the blog I am going to go back in time and try to get a few more looooong overdue posts up about our Europe vacation that happened oh almost a year ago.

TGIF! Ta ta for now!

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