Hip Hip Hooray

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Last weekend our sweet boy had his spring program at school. It is a day we look forward to every year...seeing Perry and his friends up on stage singing and saying their bible verses they have spent the year learning. Last year when they were newly two years old lets face it, there was not a lot of coordinated movement or sound coming from the stage. This year at three you could hear them and see their little personalities come out. Perry was the one you could hear the best...as he swayed his hips and sang the hippopotamus song. He had been so stingy at home about telling us what he was going to sing in his program so that was a surprise and so fun. When we would ask him what he was going to sing he would just repeat his verse again. He had the verse down pat...

Ephesians 6:1 - "Children obey your parents and the Lord for this is right." I wonder why they decided to engrain this in a group of 2-3 year olds little minds and hearts...not. Genius.

Perry was looking so dapper in his little shorts, button down and bowtie. Who said dressing little boys was not fun. It so is. We went and picked grandma up so she could be there and hear him perform. Perry got to play with his best friend Ellie Mae for a little while before it all got started (got to get there early if you want the good seats) and how stinking sweet is this picture of the two of them heading to their classroom hand in hand. They have so much fun goofing off together and have such a sweet little friendship. It is going to be such a sad day if they end up in different 3 year old classes next year.

If you follow along on facebook and instagram you should have seen the videos of the actual performances. If not...go here. And here. And here is an action shot of them in mid hip swaying hippo song action.

We love our preschool where Perry is loved on and taught so well. He has loved his year in Ms. Janice's and Ms. Linda's class. The school year is now winding down and we are counting the days to the end of the school year picnic next Friday. But thankfully we don't have to say goodbye to Ms. Janice's class just yet. Perry will get to stay with her through the summer semester.

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