Last day in London

Monday, May 23, 2016

Our last day in London was awesome. We started the day visiting the Tower of London right when it opened. We loved walking around hearing about the history of the place and the guided tour by a beefeater. We took some pictures with the stoic Queen's Guard, but didn't try to get them to smile or laugh. That seems like cruel and unusual punishment for those poor guys.

It was an absolutely glorious day outside. The sun was shining bright over the Tower Bridge.

From the Tower we spent a bunch of time just walking around the city, visited Shakespeare's Globe theatre, from the outside, walked past St. Paul's Cathedral, and eventually made it to a place called the Anchor Bankside for lunch. It had me at the word anchor. :) And I couldn't pass up the opportunity to let my inner Delta Gamma come out and pose in front of it. It was an awesome lunch, one of our favorites. It serves very classically British food. We got the "Favourites Platter" complete with 2 burger sliders, two minced beef pies, fish and chips, and mushy peas. And some pear cider. We decided pretty quick that we were not huge fans of the brews in London, but the various ciders were where it was at. We also got some kind of amazing fried bbq pork bites from the appetizer menu that also really stole our hearts.

So it is going to look like pretty much all we did this day was eat. And I guess that is a fair assessment. We did a lot of walking too to make up for it. Our final adventure for the day was a twilight walking food tour through Soho. Food tours are one of our favorite things to do in new cities because it lets you sample small bites of food from lots of cool local places but the interactions with the tour guide and fellow tourers is also really fun. Our London food tour was booked through a company called Eating London.

We met our group of maybe 12 people next to the Palace Theatre, and from there walked all around Soho, where we had not spent any time thus far. The local restaurants of Soho are quite the eclectic and diverse bunch, much like the past and present people and activities of the neighborhood. Over the course of the night we sampled real English gin and tonic, Jamon, tacos, Spanish tapas, tiramisu, Chinese dumplings, and a margarita. Needlesstosay we did not leave hungry. It was such a fun, fun night.

And that's a wrap on London. We absolutely loved our time there and said we could have easily and happily spent a lot more time exploring and nestling into the culture there. Until next time London. Now it is time to jump on the Eurostar and head to Paris.

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