War Eagle in the Rocket City

Thursday, May 12, 2016

In the drought between football seasons we jump at any opportunity to go talk Auburn and football and say hello to our favorite tiger. Each spring the local Auburn alumni association hosts Tiger Trek beneath the rockets at the Davidson Center. The head coach, Aubie and other big wigs come to town to give updates on the school and football program and build excitement for the upcoming season.

Aubie was fashionably late...and we were beginning to get worried that for some reason he had not made the trip. Perry had been promised an Aubie encounter so we were kind of desperately looking for him...and ran into him in the stairwell as we were going out to go ask the 3rd set of people if they knew the tiger's whereabouts. Aubie was so sweet and stopped right there for some interaction time with P. And Perry's night was made.

Dinner was just ok...nothing major to write home about in the form of hamburgers, chips, beans and cookies. Tailgate fare. We heard from the heads of the Alumni association and from this years scholarship winners. The main attraction was hearing from Gus about the team's status and plans for the fall football season. There was much promise of increased skills, and conditioning, and depth from Gus this year. Hopefully that all comes to pass and results in a better record. Regardless we love our Auburn Tigers and Auburn Family...so it was a great night of fun, food and fellowship.

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