Last Day of School Festivities

Friday, June 24, 2016

Going back in time just a little bit I wanted to post about Perry's last day of school fun. His last day of school was what we affectionately dubbed the "best. day. ever." I mean how do you beat getting brought queso for lunch, sno cones, moonbounces in the gym (because well rain), and then once that's all done packing up and flying to Disney World for the weekend. Yeah...sometimes he leads a charmed life.

We love our preschool so so much. They love on our little boy so well every day.  In the picture above the two sweet ladies on the left are Ms. Linda and Ms. Janice who have been his teachers all this year (and this summer too). They have taught him so much. This week has been all about dinosaurs...and his vocabulary is increasing by things such as "pterodactyl and stegosaurus." The two sweet ladies on the right of the picture are Ms. Lori and Ms. Norma who run the place and are the smiling faces we see and hugs we get every morning when we walk into school. Looking forward to another great year at MCDC next year. 

When asked what he wanted me to bring him for lunch on the last day the answer was "chips and cheese dip." So while all the other kids were munching on their Chickfila, our kid had Moes. 

When we finished at school we got in the car and drove south to Birmingham to fly to Orlando. Because Perry and I had a fun weekend ahead at the Happiest Place on Earth.

Thumbs up for airplane rides!

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