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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

A few other things we have been up to lately around here. We went up to Burritt of the Mountain a couple weeks ago for Stories Under the Stars. My awesome boss Neil was the special guest story teller for the night since the theme was "It's in my DNA." No one tells stories about DNA quite like him. We met my co-worker Meagan and her family there. Our little mini genetic counselors had fun playing together (above).

Our niece Kate had her spring dance recital. She did so great in her dance to Taylor Swift's Shake it Off. Nothing cuter than seeing little ones dance.

We celebrated Travis' birthday out with friends and dinner at the Brazilian steakhouse. So much meat, and a night without the kiddos, was so fun!

We had an impromptu picnic lunch and playtime at Hayes Nature Preserve with family. 

And this girl did some crafting for the church summer family carnival (more on that later). I didn't know what I had in store when I said "sure I can help with decorations and a popcorn balloon arch sounds like a great idea." lol. A lot of red paint and white duck tape later (and some key help from Lacy with structural assembly) it really was not has hard as it looks. It turned out really cute and a certain red headed boy may be getting a circus birthday this year in an effort to recycle some decorations. ha.

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