"Mommy and Me" at Disney, day two

Sunday, June 26, 2016

We spent a whole day at Disney World and still had not set foot inside the Magic Kingdom. So that is where we headed first on day two. We had an early (before park opening) breakfast reservation at Be Our Guest which meant we could get in and get nearly deserted pictures in the park.

After breakfast we worked our way around Fantasyland...rode Under the Sea, met Ariel, rode dumbo, rode barnstormer (P hated it) and mine train (P loved it), rode peter pan (and P loved it so much I had to pull him off crying...bless), and a myriad of other things. Those early morning hours you can pretty much do whatever you please with little waiting. Perry ended up with a kiss on his cheek from Ariel which he wore proudly (because he didn't know it was there) for the rest of the morning.

Visited Pete's Silly Sideshow and asked P if he wanted to meet the boys (goofy and donald) or the girls (daisy and minnie). Guess who he picked...

We had lunch at the new table service restaurant, Skipper Canteen. It was a really fun experience with really unique food. A little too unique for Perry's three year old palette but he ate some of his (atypical) mac and cheese and loved the bread. I had the Char Sui Pork which was really quite good.

After lunch we appropriately had a fastpass for the Jungle Cruise and then we were done with the Magic Kingdom for the day and hopped over to Epcot for some more fun. Did I mention how Pretty Epcot was all dressed up in flowers?

We did a loop around the world showcase while Perry napped some in the stroller. Took a break from the heat in the American Pavilion to hear the Voices of Liberty acapella group. We stumbled upon some character training over by Canada, where they had a whole bunch of random characters out practicing. Unlike characterpalooza over at the Studios...these are not scheduled events that you can bank on. You really do have to just stumble upon them. Forgive the lack of shoes on Perry in the first two pictures...we were not expecting him to be out of his stroller and he jumped out shoeless when he saw the penguin. Priorities. ha.

We rode Nemo a few more times and then I ultimately bribed Perry out of there with a cupcake (parenting bright spot right there). And we met Baymax. Seriously cool character to meet in person. Perry loved the big inflatable squishy guy.

By this point we were both pretty tired and felt like he had pretty much seen most of what we wanted to at Epcot. None of the new frozen stuff was open yet when we were there and P was still too little for the big rides. So we headed back to the resort to chill out and get some rest. 

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