How many genetic counselors does it take to start a fire?

Thursday, July 14, 2016

A few weeks ago now my genetic counseling graduate school classmates all got together in the hills of Ohio (Hocking Hills) for a long weekend. We try to get the whole group together each year somewhere or another. For the last several years we have made it a beach weekend to Ocean Isle. This year we wanted to change it up and do something more woodsy...and needed to be within driving distance of the very pregnant Alexis. So Ohio it was.

It is pretty incredible that 6 years since graduation we are able to wrangle all of our schedules and get reunion weekends together. Speaks to the amazing friendships that were formed those years ago in North Carolina and the priority we set on our scientific sorority.

I had Telah (my cookie lady) make some woodland creature cookies and mason jars that said "Having a ball since 2008." They turned out so cute.

We rented an awesome cabin that had plenty of sleeping room, a game room, huge dining room table, hot tub and fire pit. What else could we need?

I appointed myself the woodland creature snack creator apparently...and spent way too long sticking almond shavings into a cheeseball to make a hedgehog. But look how cute it turned out... Ha.

It was a pretty rainy weekend so we hung inside a lot and played games, watched (scary-ish) movies and caught up on life. We were able to go out on a hike once to some nearby caves.

And we were able to have a fire one night. The fire was no small feat since it had been raining and we didn't have much in the way of dry wood. But we dusted off our old girl scout skills and got a fire going good enough for some 'smores. 

Things I learned over the weekend...I am way better at snack creation than I am at banagrams or foosball. Mosquitos think I am quite tasty. And I love these GC girls so much. We spent time plotting out reunions for many years to come...including a visit to all 50 states...and what I am sure will be a riot of a trip to Branson when we are senior citizens. And I think we might just do it. Can't wait until next year's trip! Just need to figure out what state we will tackle next.

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