"Mommy and Me" at Disney, day four

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Our last day in Disney World we headed back to the Magic Kingdom because well it is a preschoolers paradise. We got there super early as we had tickets for Early Morning Magic. A little up charge that was way worth it in my book - especially for a small trip where you are packing in the fun. We had walk on access to Peter Pan, Pooh and Mine Train for an hour and a half before the park opened plus all you can eat breakfast at Pinocchio Village Haus (which you could stop at more than once...we ended up stopping a couple times for a grab and go breakfast snack). We rode mine train first. And I learned that Perry likes roller coasters a lot more when it is not first thing in the morning. He doesn't like much of anything first thing in the morning. Except sleep. lol. He gripped my arm and said "I don't like this" the whole way. He loved it two days before in the afternoon.

So needlesstosay we didn't re-ride it this morning. We rode Pooh once and then we rode Peter Pan. Over and over. It was so fun to be able to let him do that. We were nearly the only people on the ride at all.

Once we had our fill of Pan and breakfast we went and got in line to meet Anna and Elsa. This was all still before the park opened so we were one of the first people in line. I had not secured fastpasses for the ice princesses this trip because I just wasn't sure he would be too interested but he had been begging since day one to meet them so I was glad we were able to do it without a crazy line.

Characters were really the highlight of this last day. We did a few attractions with fastpass like Buzz and Bell and saved our last one for meeting Mickey on our way out of the park. But we had already done everything once so we were not running around like gang busters. 

We hung out by the tea cups for a while. Got to meet the Mad Hatter and I think this was the most fun character interaction we had the whole time. I am sure the people in line behind us were annoyed but the Hatter spent SO much time with Perry. They had a whole little silly discourse about the nearby flowers which made for some pretty adorable pictures. Perry thought he was just hilarious. P had originally said he had no interest in going on the tea cups but after Mr. Hatter told him it was fun that he just must do it he had a change of heart. So we went and got in the tea cup line and just as we were getting on Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum walked up and got on the tea cups too. So fun! Afterwards we followed them to where they would be meeting and Perry had fun playing with them too...and finding spots on the pavement.

We also got to meet Chip and Dale in their new meet and greet place in Tomorrowland - in their space suits. So cute!

We had a late afternoon flight so we were able to stay and play in the Magic Kingdom through lunch. We had a lunch reservation at Crystal Palace with Pooh and friends. It was nice to beat the heat and go inside for an air conditioned lunch. There are pictures somewhere...but not where I am finding them easily so you will have to go with your imagination on that one.

After lunch we headed to go meet the big cheese himself on our way out of the park. Talking Mickey is so fun (and slightly bizarre). It was a fun way to end the trip and say farewell.

It was an awesome long weekend getting to unwind and play with my boy. We missed having Daddy there. I think he missed it too. But thankfully next time we visit it will be all of us for a long holiday adventure. Until next time Disney World. We had a blast!

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