Saturday, July 23, 2016

It was about this time last year conversations and plans got started about a family cruise to Bermuda this summer. We made some tentative plans with the Eckleys and then kind of stuck a pin in the idea to think about more later. When Gary passed away in December it was challenging to bring the topic of family travel up again. It was one of his favorite things and we had so hoped that he would be able to go on this trip with us.

We knew that carrying on with travel and fun as a family is exactly what Gary would have wanted us to do. So we convinced Ann to book a cabin and plans resumed in ernest for the summer 2016 trip. 

We set sail a few weeks ago from NYC to the beautiful island of Bermuda. We had a spectacular time although there was definitely a person missing in the memories and pictures. We used the hashtag #thisoneisforgranddaddy for the trip because that is really what it was. It was a trip of resilience and continuing to honor and remember him in the way we live, and travel.

Over the next few days I am going to work through sharing our favorite pictures and memories from the trip. It started out with a little time spent in New York City. Andrew, Perry, Ann and I flew up on Friday before the cruise left on Sunday so we would have one full day to experience as much of the city as we could pack in. 

We left after work on Friday and boarded a plane from Huntsville to Atlanta and then Atlanta to La Guardia. Granna came with us on our trip up and little excursion in the city. We could not wait to get the trip officially started. 

P was all smiles at this point in the late afternoon but by the time we got to La Guardia it was 10 pm. Just a smidgen past our little guys bedtime. He fell asleep just before we landed and slept through the whole luggage getting and drive to the hotel. I had a car service waiting for us because well it was La Guardia at 10 pm. And we needed to get to the city. Preferably with a carseat. P was still asleep when we made it to the room and set him in bed. 

Didn't take long for all of us to resume that state considering we had a full day head of NYC fun.

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