Bon Voyage Lady Liberty

Saturday, August 6, 2016

We were up early and excited on embarkation day. We had places to be. The port in NYC was just a few blocks from our hotel but given the amount of luggage we had we hailed a taxi. Shhh....don't report us for having a preschooler in a NYC taxi cab sans seat belt. I promise we held on real tight. 

At the port we met up with the Eckley clan and got checked in. We were there an hour or so before we could get on board, but we amused ourselves in the terminal and got the kiddos all registered for their respective kids clubs on the ship.

Before we knew it we were on board ship. We immediately went to check out our cabin. We had a great balcony room with an extra large balcony. We have gotten so spoiled with balconies on cruises, I think we will have a hard time ever going back.

Then we went and met up with everyone at the buffet to have meal number one out of about a hundred. But calories don't count on cruise ships right???

The afternoon was then spent walking around and exploring the ship, doing the obligatory muster drill, unpacking our suitcases, and then going to the sail away party up on the pool deck as we pulled out of New York City. Must say sail away is so much more cool there than any other place we have been. It was so cool to go sailing by the empire state building, financial district, and statue of liberty. 

Matt's mom, Sandy, made the kiddos these great matching cruise ship t-shirts to wear for embarkation day. Ben was such a good sport still being willing to match his little sister and little cousin. 

We waved goodbye to Lady Liberty and civilization as we went out to sea. The next land and people we would see would be on the island of Bermuda in a couple of days. And with that our phones lost cell phone service and we were officially off the grid and on vacation.

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