Boston Whaling in Bermuda

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Once the cruise ship docked in Bermuda it didn't turn it's engine on for two more days. It seemed a little odd to fall asleep and wake up in the same place. But Bermuda was so so pretty and fun we were ecstatic to have several days there. The second day we met up with the family on the pier for a fun day of boating and exploring the island from the water. 

Sandy Eckley made the kids the cutest, matching snorkel shirts to wear.

We read really good reviews about a company that rents Boston Whaler boats for you to take out for a half or whole day and decided to check it out. We had two Whalers reserved for our party of 8. The Eckleys had one boat and the three of us and Granna had the other. We were given some basic instructions and life vests, some bread to feed the fish, some gasoline, and we were off. 

Matt and Andrew did a great job driving the boats around for the next 6 hours. We explored lots of the Island. Found a ship wreak, gazed at huge houses, and dropped anchor on a small deserted island.

We also stopped once for lunch and a restroom break at a little hole in the wall restaurant. And no don't worry...Perry did not get to drive the boat (Ben did...and did a great job).

Everything went swimmingly until about an hour before we were due back, and our whaler started acting up. It would just cut off unexpectedly and the first few times it happened we (er...Andrew) could get the boat back started relatively easily. But eventually it stopped and would not start again. So we were stranded. We tried some creative techniques of tethering the two boats together and having the Eckley boat tow us back, but that failed. So we had to call the company for help. Turns out it was bad spark plugs and once they changed them we were able to start the boat and drive ourselves back. 

While we waited for help we were entertained by the American and Japanese America's Cup boats which were practicing in the open water right in front of us. Turned out to be a really cool experience. The America's Cup is happening in Bermuda next year and some of the boats and crews are already there getting ready.

By the time we headed ashore at 2 pm, Perry had had enough fun and was totally passed out in the boat. I can't think of much better places to take a nap.

Back on board we all got some much needed showers and got dressed for dinner and evening fun. There was a family party up on the pool deck that we went to and many of us got peer pressured into a variety of ridiculous competitions. Also known as the time that several of us adults ended up popping balloons in the lap of a cruise staffer and Matt and Ben ended up in a hot dog eating contest. Perry won a raffle and ended up on stage too.

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