Caves, fish, and turtles oh my

Monday, August 22, 2016

The final day on Bermuda we actually did an official a cruise excursion out to some caves and the local aquarium. It looked fun and right up Perry's alley, and we wanted to be on an official tour since the boat was leaving mid afternoon and we didn't want to take any chances on not making it back. As much as we loved Bermuda we did not want to miss our ride home. :)

Granna joined us for the fun. On the way out to the caves we made a brief stop at a pretty beach to stretch our legs and see the views.

Then it was back in the bus and off to the crystal caves. We had a guided tour down into the cave which was really well preserved and pretty.

Next stop was the local aquarium and zoo. It was also small, but well done and Perry loved seeing all the fish and sea creatures. That is totally his thing these days.

We could have spent a lot longer at the aquarium, but before we knew it it was time to load the bus and head back to the ship. We got dropped off a few blocks away and did just a little bit of last minute wandering and shopping by the port before we embarked the boat the last time. And I can't leave a giant anchor and not take the quintessential Delta Gamma picture.

Our three days in Bermuda all looked very different from each other which was awesome. We spent a day playing on the beach, a day boating around the island, and a day seeing some of the inland attractions.

Bermuda it sure was fun. Perhaps we will see you and your pink sands again someday!

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