Last Sea Day

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

The last day aboard the Norwegian Breakaway we did a lot of playing: pools, ropes courses, golf, trivia. Trying to have as much fun as possible before having to go back to our cabins and pack to head home. 

The highlight of our day was watching our sweet boy conquer the mini ropes course and perform in the kids club circus show. After watching Daddy, Granna, Emily, and Ben conquer the big ropes course throughout the week by the last day Perry was ready to try the little one. Notice my name is not on that list...I am sooooo not a ropes course/heights person. I tried the ropes course once onbaord and barely got out away from the first platform and jumped ship. For some reason, I know I am strapped in but my brain and heart just won't believe it. Hopefully Perry did not inherit that irrational fear from me.

He did great on the little kid ropes course that was only a couple feet off the ground (that is more my style too).

Perry spent the afternoon in Kids Club rehearsing and performing in the Splashtacular Extravaganza. Andrew, Granna, and I went down to the main theatre later that afternoon to watch him perform on the big stage. Perry's age group were tigers that rawred and jumped through a hoop. It was really cute. Perry did great and it was so fun seeing him perform up on stage. This was the first cruise we have been on where Perry was old enough to participate in the official kids clubs (they start at 3). He was cautious going in the first time...mostly because he was going in a different class than Ben and Kate...but once he did it once he was good to go. He had a great time with his new friends and the kids counselors. 

That is pretty much a wrap on our cruise fun. I'll follow-up tomorrow with one more post about our disembarkation day and few final hours we spent as a big family in NYC. It was a great trip and a fun ship and itinerary. Can't say that Norwegian is our favorite cruise line to date we would totally do it again. 

Oh - and we can't forget our towel animal pictures. We had an awesome room steward (who had twin 3 year olds back home and was pretty smitten with our little guy). He thought of everything, including a bedrail for Perry's bed so he wouldn't fall out at night. He also made the best towel animals (complete with googly eyes) and left them there from day to day so we pretty much had a towel zoo by the end of the week. Here are a few of them...

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