Playtime at Sea

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

The first full day of the cruise was of course a sea day. We had a lot of ocean miles to traverse to make our way to Bermuda. We woke up and went down to one of the main dining rooms to get the day started with a good breakfast. 

After breakfast Andrew went to go play trivia with the rest of the family. I hate trivia. Translation, I am really really bad at trivia. So Perry and I headed up to the pool deck to check out the kiddie pool. This was Perry's favorite spot on the boat. With just a few inches of water there was no concern of drowning and he could splash and play and slide to his hearts content. This first morning we pretty much had the run of the place. It got much more crowded as the week went on.

The rest of the morning was spent up on the activities deck where Ann, Emily and Ben did the big ropes course. And P played some mini-golf. 

There is hardly ever a dull moment onboard a cruise ship. We also participated in a photo scavenger hunt on deck. We had to run all over the place and document doing ridiculous things like planking in front of the box office.

Perry was big enough to actually go to the kids club on this cruise and once we got him coerced in there the first time he loved it. They did lots of fun themed programs and activities. This day was all about royalty and Perry's group came down to the atrium to show off their crowns and do a dance to what other than "Let It Go" for the audience. It was cute.

After a full day of play we all got cleaned up and dressed for dinner.

Dinner this night was just Andrew and I at the awesome hibachi restaurant onboard ship. Well Perry ate too...but his pizza and fries from the buffet before we dropped him off at kids club was not worth photographing and writing home about. The Hibachi place was awesome. We made some new friends at our table and got great entertainment from the chef.

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