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A whole lot of summer and a whole lot of fun

Saturday, September 17, 2016

In the deep south the summer seems to stretch on through September and some of October...before it finally gives way to the fall and allows cooler temps to creep in. We get teased by a fall breeze or barely crisp morning every now and then but it is still so hot.

We had a fun summer and did lots of fun things other than the big family trip to Bermuda. Here's a little look at what we have been up to over the past couple of months.

1. We went to see Finding Dory in the theatre (top picture)

2. We got our science on and made some gooey fun 

3. We had a game night with friends and a very competitive round of hungry hungry hippos

4. We played at the pool and kept our tradition of "Sunday night, pool night" with friends

5.  We watched Kate "swim for babies" at the Swim for Melissa fundraiser for the Huntsville Hospital NICU

6. We celebrated Granna's birthday with helping hands on some deep cleaning tasks and of course cake 

7.We celebrated our friend Bethany's 2nd birthday

8. And we worked on our mowing skills. If only that little mower actually cut grass.

It all started with a new couch

After being in our house for 6 years or so with it pretty much looking the same way it is time for some changes and updates. And it is true, once you change one thing and one room you suddenly grow increasingly unsatisfied with other things in your house and it creates this vicious domino effect. In fact there was a concrete truck here this past week pouring a new patio in the backyard (more on that to come).

It all started with a new couch, necessitated by getting a rip in a cushion of our original couch which was a second hand buy off of Craigs List. It was time. We found a great deal on a Pottery Barn sectional and a rug from We love how bright and fresh it all looks compared to a chocolate brown leather sofa. And see that corner part of the couch? That is the money spot that will immediately make you want to fall asleep. So comfy.

The picture at the top of the page is our new and improved dining room. The table and hutch are the same but everything else got a total overhaul. We had a guy come in and put in wainscotting around the whole room which was such a welcome addition. Having white on bottom let us go a little darker grey with the paint on top to give it a dramatic and sophisticated look without looking like a cave.

We got some second hand chairs with a nice back shape and re-painted and changed the seat fabric out to match the look. Don't look too close, it is not the best spray painting job I have ever done on a chair...but did I mention how hot it is in the summer. So not the time to be outside spray painting. We finished off the room with some new curtains and a (real) cowhide rug. I love how it all came together and how at the center of the room surrounded by more modern touches is my grandmother's grandmother's dining room table.

The last big thing we have gotten done around here is we finally got around to putting up a gallery wall along the stairs. Ever since we moved in I have dreamed and talked about having a gallery wall going up the staircase someday. While we were in Atlanta recently we went to Ikea to buy a bunch of frames (love that place) to make it a reality. Here is the finished product: 

At least for now. We have plenty of room to continue expanding up and down the stairs as we have more pictures and memories to add. Kudos to Andrew for his hammering skills and for helping me eyeball even spacing between the frames. We have learned that sometimes it is far better to just eyeball it rather than meticulously measure (and have it end up looking awry).

Ahoy Lady Liberty

Sunday, September 11, 2016

I have probably said it a dozen times but one of the absolute coolest things about our Bermuda cruise was sailing in and out of New York City. The final morning I just happened to wake up at the exact right time and looked out our balcony window to see the Statue of Liberty welcoming us home. 

Disembarkation was easy and we were off the ship in no time. We had an evening flight home so we had the larger portion of the day to explore a little more. Luckily the Eckleys were staying in New York City for a few days after the cruise so we were able to follow them to their hotel and leave our bags with theirs for the day and we were not stuck dragging our suitcases around. 

It was a Sunday morning which meant the city was a little sleepy not everything was open. We decided to go explore Times Square though, which pretty much never sleeps.

The kids highlight was the mammoth, 3 story M&Ms store that just oozed chocolate at every corner. Once we were able to drag the kiddos out of there we went in a few more stores like Disney and Lego and then walked over to do some window shopping along fifth avenue.

We ended up in Central Park for just a little bit while we meandered our way over to a NY style pizza place for lunch. And we took our last "big family" picture of the trip.

After we ate lunch we parted ways. Our crew headed back to the Eckley's hotel room to relax a couple hours before getting a cab to the airport and the Eckleys went back out into the city to keep on vacationing. 

It was a long day of travel and it was well past someone's bedtime when we eventually touched down in Huntsville. Perry made it awake pretty much until the descent into Huntsville (though he should have given up and taken a nap hours before...would have made it more pleasant for But once he was out he was out. He slept the whole way home and into Granna's house where he spent the night. We wisely thought he should be allowed to sleep in the next day and not be hauled out of bed and to preschool early in the morning. And sleep he did. If I remember correctly it was fully noon before he was woken up the next day. Ha.

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