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Perry the Soccer Player

Saturday, October 29, 2016
This week marked the end of Perry's very first soccer season and first organized sporting endeavor. The season started with a broken arm on the day of his first practice...which meant he had to sit out for a bit. But once he got to play he did awesome. Maybe those weeks of sitting on the side watching the game helped him have a more comprehensive view of the game. We were so impressed each week at how fast he was, how attentive he was, and his fearlessness towards going after the ball. He would get knocked over and fall down...but immediately jumped back up and kept running.

He loved playing. And wasn't such a big fan of having to sit out to let other kids play, but he sat on the sideline and cheered for his teammates and yelled "Go Penguins!" until it was time to go back in. We only had to pull him off the field against his will one time. 3 year old probs.

He scored lots of goals. You don't keep good scores at this age...but he was a major contributor to his team's overall goal count. Wouldn't have known he was the youngest one out there.

Heres a little highlight reel from the season as a member of the U5 Penguins team. I feel pretty strongly we will be back on the field playing again next year.

Thankful for patient coaches!

Thank you to everyone who came out and and watched and cheered for our little soccer star! He is now the proud owner of his very first trophy! Such a big kid milestone. I can't believe how he is growing up right before our eyes.

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