It's a.....Girl!

Monday, January 2, 2017

The cat is finally out of the bag...that baby east number two is a girl!

We, and those closest to us, have had it under wraps for a little while now (thanks to new fangled genetic testing) but it just felt kind of wrong to announce it publicly until we saw it with our eyes on ultrasound. That happened last Friday and it is 100%, for sure, a girl. And we are thrilled!

Here's the most recent views of our little girl...sucking her thumb in utero. :)

Perry was just sure he was getting a little sister (and not a little brother) even before we knew. I can't wait for him to assume his big brother role. I think he will be a really great one. If you ask him he will tell you he is already a big brother...because the baby is in mommy's tummy. He also declared the other day that she will be able to play in his room whenever she wants. Ha. But it is recorded here that he said it....and I imagine he will be reminded of that statement time and time again in a few years.

We had a little party a few weeks back to announce the big news to our family and friends. We popped a very large black balloon and the pink confetti and glitter rained down. We would have been quite happy with either gender but knowing that this will likely be our second and last baby...we are super excited to get to experience both flavors of parenting.

Bring on the pink, bows, and ballet!

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